School Timings

Summer Season Winter Season
April to September October to March
7:00 AM to 12:05 PM 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM


Summer May/June 20 Days
Winter Dec/Jan 10 Days
During an academic year, Parents are informed by post in advance about the date of commencement of the Vacation / Holiday. It is compulsory for all parents to take their ward(s) from the school in vacation. However they are not allowed to collect their ward(s) prior to the vacation. It is also compulsory for students to report on the day of reopening of the school after each vacation. A strict regulation on departure and reporting timings between 8 am to 4 pm before and after vacation is followed.

Examination Pattern

Formative Assesment-I July
Summative Assesment-I Oct-Nov
Formative Assesment-II January
Summative Assesment-II March-April
Besides above, weekly tests are conducted & final result is prepared on the basis of aggregate Grades obtained in Two Formative and Two Summative Examination. Regularity is given utmost importance. 80% attendance in a full academic session is essential for promotion in next class. Parents are regularly informed of their ward's academic progress, participation in co-curricular activities and project works through the monthly gazettes.

School Uniform

Blue Stripe Shirt and Deep Blue pant for Boys and Skirt for Girls, Black Shoes and Navy Blue Socks
Navy blue blazer on Blue Stripe Shirt and Deep Blue pant for Boys and Skirt for Girls, Black Shoes and Navy Blue Socks


Formative Activity
As per the guidelines of C.B.S.E., our school under CCE pattern has taken significant steps to promote activity based learning and evaluation. It basically focuses on enhancing potential of students through regular feedback and counseling. These activities don’t only bring students out from day long monotonous and compact conventional teaching environmental set up but also provides them with opportunities to develop their creative and leadership streak. The Formative Activities are conducted on a regular basis as per the calendar. It includes speech, debate, group discussion, role play, extempore etc.. Apart from these communications enhancing activities, there are motivational sessions, personality development sessions and sessions on basic grammar organized for students. Thus, Formative Activities help students to realize their social and public speaking skills.
Cocurricular Activity
Co-curricular activities enthralls in itself a plethora of activities and fun exercises, that aims at multi-vicissitudic enhancement of a child’s persona. It facilitates an interactive resonance with his/ her own creative identity, that often tends to get silhouetted in academic proficiency. Besides providing a platform for the students to extrapolate their merit beyond the academic diaspora, it also enthuses the student to create a divine aura of cultural heritage and environmental awareness.

Other Information

Points to Remember

School Prayer
To inculcate moral values in the students, the school starts each working day with morning assembly when the students recite prayer
"Father we thank for the nigh.
and for the pleasant working light.
For nest and food and loving care
And all that makes the world so fair
Helps us to do the things we should
To be the others kind and good
In all we do in all we say
To grow more loving every day."
The morning assembly ends with inspiring and educative talks. Stress is laid on the universally appreciated aspects of Indian Culture and eternal human values.
Parents Visit To Campus
Parents and other authorised persons can visit their wards in the campus twice in a month. Such visit is permitted on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of a month between 10 am to 4 pm. Such persons will only be authorised by the school management to receive their wards on holidays and other occasions.
If a guardian intends to withdraw his/her ward from the school, he/she may do so after giving one month(s) prior notice to the school or one month(s) fee in lieu thereof. If he/she fails to do so, Caution Money will be forfeited. School authorities may ask, without any prior notice to the parents, to withdraw the child from the school on any of the following grounds :
Constant neglect of studies by the students
Student(s) conduct is found detrimental to the interest of the school
Student is found medically unfit and is a health hazard to other students