Environment Variable

Today, with rapidly changing growth factors, organisations in this competitive era has to compulsorily lay down policies to ensure that its activities are not detrimental to the environment and has to take all precautions to safeguard the environment. Technological innovations and developments have no doubt rendered great support to keep a check on the activities that are harmful for the environment as well as for employees working in the organization. An organization needs to upgrade itself with all kinds of equipments and tools and redefine its processes to enhance effectivity and efficiency at all levels of an organization. We, at D.M.P Holy Mission School Rosera, are committed to frame and implement suitable environmental policies to keep a control on our environment hampering activities and ensure better infrastructure to tackle any of the environment affecting issues. We, being a school, are responsible not just as an organization but also as a collective mentor to ensure right practices in the society so that environment related concerns are not ignored. Our organizational practices are safe and sound. We focus on creating environmental awareness through various activities. We basically believe in promoting “Green India, Healthy India and a Shining India”. Our mission is to impart quality education with moral orientation, for an all round development and propagation of knowledge. Our focus area is environmental awareness and one’s concern towards the environment is an important part of moral oriented education. We ensure that students become aware of environmental issues and become sensitive towards their surroundings and mother nature and further become thoughtful to check malpractices existing in our society. We in our school encourage teachers and students to understand environment and propagate their learning in the society. We have various activities scheduled under health, wellness and eco club in our school calendar. We conduct evacuation mock drill, each month so that our student and staff members can be ready to tackle any unexpected situation during disaster. We organize a cross country race, each year to vehemently support environmental issues. Apart from all these, we are planning various environmental related training programmes from experts. So, as an organization, we do not just aim to grow rather alien our all activities and focus to develop a society that has minimal possibilities of environmental hazards and is ready to face any erratic circumstances arsing out of environmental disasters. We have vision that may appear to be larger than the life but we believe in our small and consistent efforts- Lets walk together to grab the bright future.